Cleaning tips for the kitchen, bathroom and living room

Dust, crumbs and splashes – you can not get around cleaning! But there are little tricks that make the tedious chores easier. Ourperfectservice will tell you!

For the kitchen cleaning, set a specific day of the week, in which you thoroughly clean, because the cleaning becomes routine. Always clean the shelves and tables before wiping the kitchen floor. This will prevent any subsequent dirt on the floor.

Simplify the cleaning in the bathroom! Clear as many items as possible from the shelves. For example, store your toothbrush in a holder that is attached to the wall. In addition, you can attach a soap dispenser. In addition, closed cupboards in the bathroom will save you a lot of time dusting and the door fronts will make the room look tidier.

In the living room accumulates a lot – unfortunately also a lot of dust. However, this is also regularly cleaned on tall cabinets, a duster with a telescopic rod and ideally aft with a knob. So you do not have to climb on chairs to reach hard to reach places.

Wipeout wall doodles

When your child’s artistic efforts end up all over your new paint job, scrub
lightly with a damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda.

De-grease cabinets

Just like your cooking tools, cupboards can get greasy when you’re making dinner.
Add a little dish soap to a spray bottle with warm water to mist away from the grime. Then, rinse with a well-wrung cloth and dry.

Freshen your microwave

Make the interior easier to wipe down by heating a cup of water and a chopped-up
lemon on high until the microwave’s window is steamy. Let the bowl sit for
15 minutes before you open the door and clean away any grime with ease.

Make faucets gleam

Rub a bit of toothpaste over your bathroom fixtures with a wet sponge to get the
gunk off chrome.

Remove coffee stains from mugs

When your morning cup leaves a stubborn unsightly ring, use a little toothpaste
to clean it off.

Make a mirror gleam

Since coffee filters are lint-free, you can swap them out for paper towels to
give mirrors a no-streak shine.

Clean Fan Blades with A Pillow Case

If you’re anything like us, you have about a dozen extra pillowcases laying around in a spare closet. Wait, is that just us? Use one to slide onto the blades of your ceiling fans, and then wipe the blades off inside the case.
No more dust in your face! So quick and easy, too.

Removing Hard Water Stains

…the natural way! Hard to believe that a lemon can be so powerful. Not only that,
but you don’t have to deal with that harsh chemical smell, only the scent of fresh lemons! This method is a heck of a lot cheaper, too! Simply cut a lemon in
half, and give your faucets and a good rub down. Let it sit on there for a few
minutes or longer, then rinse with warm water

Cleaning Cloudy Glassware

I’m going to invest in a huge bottle of vinegar, maybe even buy some stock! This
stuff is amazing, and I can’t believe I’m just now running into all of its wonderful uses. Turns out it’s perfect for cleaning cloudy glassware (mine is so bad it’s embarrassing to have people over).
Simply soak your glassware in white vinegar for about 5 minutes, and it should dissolve the hard water minerals in a snap. If you’ve got a tough case, you can
also, gently rub the film off with baking soda after they’ve soaked.

Cleaning A Shower Head

Again, just ONE ingredient! The best part about this little trick is that there is no scrubbing involved. Just let it sit for an hour and you’re good to go.
This not only looks better, it improves your water pressure. Simply fill a
plastic bag with warm white vinegar, and wrap it around your shower head secured
with a zip tie or rubber band. Let it soak for an hour or more, and then discard
the vinegar down your drain (it cleans that too!). Most of the calcium build up should fall right off, but you can also give it a gentle scrub once it’s done soaking.


Cleaning tips – not only for spring cleaning

We are often asked for advice on how to best care for your home.
For this reason, we have put together a few valuable cleaning and care tips for your home or your home. First a little guide:

 Work systematically, which saves time. Always clean from top to bottom and back to front. Right-handed people work more rationally when moving from right to left. Dusting comes before the sucking, sun storm everything is only whirled up again.

 The bathroom and the kitchen should be cleaned often and thoroughly for hygienic reasons.

 Vacuuming should be on the cleaning schedule 1-2 times a week.

 Every week, plan to clean a room thoroughly

Two in the spring and autumn cleaned two windows per week
If you follow these principles and your home not only once a year at spring cleaning
Thoroughly clean, you will soon feel a better quality of living.

Cleaning tips from A to Z


Different tub materials require different care:
Acrylic: Scratches disappear with metal polish. Enamel or porcelain: Do not use harsh products and do not rub with a coarse sponge. Instead, rub stubborn stains with turpentine or benzine. Rinse with hot water and hand soap. Fiberglass: Do not use harsh cleansers, preferably light suds.

Chrome matt

If table legs and the like have become dark, moisten a piece of aluminum foil and rub it with the matte side of the film.

Stainless steel sink

it stays shiny and clean when rubbed with a paste of baking soda and water. Then rinse with plenty of water. Dry off water stains immediately.
Dry water stains are easily removed with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

Shower cabin

Calf racks are easy to remove with vinegar and then rinse with clear warm water.

Shower curtains ….

…. can be cleaned in the washing machine, even plastic curtains can handle a wash at 40 degrees. After washing, put the curtain briefly in salt water, then let it dry. Helps against mold growth.

Shower heads

Place shower heads in hot vinegar water overnight, consisting of equal parts of vinegar and water.


Use a rubber window squeegee to clean your windows. Use only a small amount of detergent and only water. Clean smaller windows with the window wiper in two lanes. Clean large windows in just one pull or snake movement, if possible without stopping. Before you start again, dry the window wiper. Tip: A small amount of vinegar in the cleaning water keeps flies away from the windows.

Clean the dishwasher

Descale according to instructions, remove filter and clean separately in hot rinse water.
Run every two months with a dishwashing detergent on normal program.

Gray tile joints

Gray tile joints become white again when brushed off with a mix of water and some bleach and with the help of the name of a worn-out toothbrush and then wiped off with clean water (cloth).

Chewing gum residues

Removes well with cold. Ice pack in a linen bag and this on the gum. Can be removed very well after a while.

Candle wax

Soften the wax with a hair dryer. Soak up soft wax with kitchen paper and wash off the rest with vinegar water or lay kitchen paper on the waxing area, go over it with an iron and the heated wax is absorbed by the kitchen paper.


Paper glue or decals can be easily removed by heating with a hair dryer.

Glass ceramic hob

Only wipe with a damp cloth, do not use any agents which can cause scratches. The hob can also be cleaned well with VIM and then wipe with clean warm water, the cleaner (VIM).
For stubborn dirt, you can also use a scraper carefully. ATTENTION: Keep as flat as possible.

Fridge & Freezer

Once or twice a year (preferably on cold days), you should completely clean and defrost the fridge and freezer. Have enough hand and / or tea towels at hand. Put in the bottom compartment a large bowl to catch the dew water. After defrosting, wipe with water and a little detergent and a soft cloth, then wipe dry.

Brass cleans …

…. best if you dissolve salt in vinegar

Oil stains

With fresh oil stains on the garage floor, you can lay several layers of wet newspaper on the floor until it is completely dry. You can also distribute plenty of cat litter on the fresh oil stains and leave to act. Then turn off or vacuum up with a vacuum cleaner.

Upholstery cleaner

Brush off your upholstered furniture occasionally with vinegar water. These are then less sensitive to dirt.

Red wine patches on the carpet

Sparkling mineral water works wonders.

Cobwebs …

… you should always remove with an upward movement, as they will otherwise stick to the wall.

Refresh carpets

To light up the carpet (colors) again, apply 10 parts of water with a portion of vinegar and rub in well.

Clean carpet stains

Put a little shaving cream on the soiled area of the carpet. Spread the foam gently and let it work for about 10 to 15 minutes.


Brush and vinegar water are usually sufficient to remove lime deposits in the toilet bowl.
Another good natural cleanser is baking soda. Sprinkle 3 tablespoons full in the basin, leave to work in and rinse.

Descale the faucet

Remove the calcified strainers and leave overnight in a cup filled with vinegar. Remove the next day and rinse under warm running water. Lime at the tap (fitting) can best be removed overnight. Wipe cloth soaked with vinegar around the mixer and rinse with warm clear water the next day.

In this sense, the team of Ourperfectservice wishes you a lot of fun cleaning and living!