Let us do your home cleaning!

home cleaning: Window cleaningIf you like your home perfectly clean but you don’t have time to do all by yourself, just book “Ourperfectservice” the professional cleaners in Saskatoon for a perfect home cleaning experience.

Think about of how nice it would be if somebody gives your home a major cleanup without you being involved. Or if you just had a renovation in your house, and the dust seems to have gotten into every corner of the house. Or maybe you had a major party or event in your house? And you need a hand to get things clean and neat as used to have them?

We provide monthly and bi-weekly cleaning services as well to ensure you can enjoy the cleanliness of your home each and every day. The difference between Ourperfectservice and other companies is that the same cleaners will be cleaning your residence every time. This is important because we have to get to know your residence, learn what your cleaning priorities are and then clean it properly according to your instructions.

We don’t believe that a proper cleaning job can be done in one hour, so we made our minimum time 3 hours for detailed regular service. On our first cleaning visit, we may require more time to get your residence to the point where we can then maintain properly. You will see the difference once we are done.

The number of hours it will take to clean your home depends on the size of your home and your cleaning priorities.

Those are just a few examples of scenarios when you can rely on Ourperfectservice. That’s what we are here for in Saskatoon and area. home cleaning: Cleaning a sinkWhenever you need assistance with a one-time home cleaning service in Saskatoon we’re here for you!. Stop searching, you’ve found us already!

“Ourperfectservice” is the best choice for the perfect home cleaning service in Saskatoon! We are your partner for professional cleaning services in Saskatoon and area.

For each basic home cleaning in Saskatoon and area, we’re bringing the necessary tools and cleaning supplies. All you need to do is getting in touch with us and schedule an appointment.

You can call or text us at: (306) 491 3571 or you send an email to: 
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