Cleaning service after moving in or out, for homeowners, companies, and tenants.

When you move in and move out of an apartment, a house of a new office, we from Ourperfectservice are your partner when it comes to delivering timely and effective cleaning solutions. 

“How much do you charge per hour?”

Move in and move out home cleaning service in Saskatoon and areaWhen contacting cleaning companies, many people start the conversation by asking that question. But the answer will never tell the whole story. In our opinion, a better question would be: “What will the total cost be to do the job”?

It is our experience that a cleaner that charges a very low rate per hour may also clean at a very low speed. Hence, the result is that you are not getting an accurate comparison.

We don’t want to reward ourselves for cleaning slowly or wasting time. Over the years we have become quite routine in our cleaning methods, and so, this makes sense, not just for you, but for us as well.

Move in and move out?

Ourperfectservice will provide you with a free estimate and a personal consultation upon request. First, we will need to clarify the scope of work and size of the object and any special requests you may have for your move in and move out a service request. We then will always try to customize our quote to a price that meets your needs and your budget.

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