Seniors and retirees appreciate our professional home cleaning service

Seniors and Retirees appreciate our Professional Home Cleaning ServiceSeniors love Ourperfectservice. We are a family owned professional cleaning service with a lot of cleaning experience in private homes. We’re also serving seniors and retirees who are preferring not to clean their homes by themselves. We promise all our clients that we are on time and clean your home thoroughly.

Especially seniors and retired couples value their time. Or sometimes they just lacking the energy to keep up with the house cleaning.

Ourperfectservice can keep your home up to par.

Seniors can trust us for professional cleaning that leaves you more time to spend with your family and friends and maybe even a little time for going out and doing the things you love.

Our service is available weekly, every other week, or monthly. The most popular choice for a senior home cleaning service is biweekly.

Are you interested in our service? As Germans, we are keen and having very high standards and therefore here is a list of what you can expect when we do the cleaning for you:

In bathrooms we:

  • clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, and showers
  • clean mirrors, sinks, counters and cupboard fronts
  • make chrome fixtures cleanse and shined
  • remove stubborn water spots
  • dust light fixtures, wall hangings, and baseboards
  • empty wastebaskets
  • vacuum and mop floors

In your kitchen we:

  • clean outside microwave, fridge, and stove
  • are cleaning counter tops and spot clean cupboard fronts
  • clean dining table and chairs
  • vacuum and mop floor

In all other rooms we:

  • dust ceiling fans, sills, ledges, casings, and wall hangings
  • dust furniture
  • clean around light switches and door knobs
  • vacuum floor and carpets
  • vacuum stairs
  • empty wastebaskets
  • mop all floors

You can call or text us at: (306) 491 3571 or you send an email to: 
and you can also use our